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Our name is a reference to the clay vessels (Amphorae) used to store and transport wine in ancient Greece and Rome. There is a resurgence of anfora aging among some winemakers, and the list features great examples of these wines.

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Orange Wine

One of the biggest buzz-words and concepts in wine these days is what is often referred to as “Orange Wine.” While this term isn’t exactly right in that it’s not an actual definition - we prefer calling them “Skin Contact” Wines - it’s definitely one of our favorite categories.

Essentially created by making white wines in the style of red wines, these bottles are kept together and ferment with grape skins, which give them their distinct “orange” color. These wines offer a wide range of flavors, from electric acidity and subtle structure to full-on funk and tannic grip.

This month, we’re exploring the category with a diverse selection of these bottles - if they’re brand new to you, if you’ve just heard of orange wine, or are already madly in love with them, this month’s theme and corresponding class on Saturday, September 28th is for you!
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